Saturday, July 07, 2007

PMO cheque bounced

Its matter of great shame for every citizen of this country that a cheque issued by the district officials from the PM's relief fund has bounced. Are we to believe that the Pirme Minister's Relief fund does not have even Rs. 10,000. Now that seems a bit improbable so it must be that some one some where messed up big time.

Now the usual blame game will start - PMO has already said we had delegated the money disbursement to the state government, state government will say - district officials are to be blamed. The collector will put the entire blame on a poor accountant who actually made the cheque on the orders of the people above.

I think this time someone should lose his/her job for this blunder, mere suspension and then re-instation will not work - and SHOULD NOT WORK.

Let's see what happens

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