Thursday, July 12, 2007

Manmohan losing Sleep

So our learned Prime Minister is unable to sleep. He was disturbed because he saw the faces of the family members of Mohammad Haneef - the person being held in Australia for his suspected role in the failed UK bombings earlier this month.

... But the PM can sleep easily seeing people committing suicides in the countryside, he can sleep while knowing that the relief sent by the Prime Minister's Relief Fund does not reach the widows of the victims because the cheque bounced.

... He sleeps easily while knowing that millions of Kashmiri pandits who are refugees in their own country suffer the indignity of living in camps daily.

... He sleeps like a log while his partner in governance UP CM can evict people out of their homes giving them merely 5 hours notice.

... He sleeps peacefully knowing fully well that there are people who put their hard earned 100-200 rupees in a Bank, that was setup in the name of the Presidential Candidate that he has put up, do not have access to even that money while the Bank's founder president is going to become the first woman President of the Republic.

I wonder for the sleep pattern of our Genius Prime Minister.

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